If you are new to Moscow and don’t where to find a place to drink fresh juices, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to explain and talk about the 9 best places for fresh fruit juices in Moscow. So, let’s move forward and find out these places.

1. Greengo

Greengo is one of the best cafés where you will get fresh juices with premium vegetables. To add to that you can also buy fresh smoothies from different fresh fruits. Although the prices of juices and vegetables are high but Greengo is very popular among people for its healthy juices and vegetables. Not to mention the café is located in a central location in Moscow, which makes it an attractive option.

2. Vitamin Bar

Vitamin Bar is a nifty place where you can make fresh juices by yourself for absolutely free. What’s more the environment of Vitamin Bar is soothing, making it the best place for relaxation.

3. Filini

Best Places for a Fresh Fruit Juice in MoscowFilini is a renowned place where freshly squeezed juices are served to all the guests. In fact, you can drink thirst-quenching juices and at the same time, you can enjoy the best Italian food. The customer service is exemplary with an awesome environment. Here, you will find Russian foods on festive time as well.

4. Coffeemania

Coffeemania is a high-quality café where fresh juice cocktails of different varieties are sold. In addition to this, you can buy fine coffee as well, which is best for lunch and breakfast. The customer service is excellent with vibrant decoration all around the café.

5. Calicano

Calicano is a restaurant with a reputation for delivering fine Mexican/Latin cuisine. But, their awesomeness doesn’t stop here. You can buy fresh juice mixes and Mexican margarita from Calicano. The design and décor of the place are stylish and the service is friendly.

6. Gastronome №

Best Places for a Fresh Fruit Juice in MoscowSince 1953 Gastronome is a popular place among the Moscow citizens.With reasonably priced fresh juices and delicious cakes and pastries, this is one of the best places for buying fresh juices. You will also get sliced fruits and you will have the option of choosing from different fruits as well. The interior design is awesome with Soviet Union lighting and stylish artifacts. Not to mention, this is a fantastic gourmet shop where gourmet lovers will thrive.

7. Sixty

Sixty is a great place to buy fresh juices where the entire atmosphere is breathtaking. You can see Moscow with panoramic views as the restaurant is located on the 62nd floor.You can sit by the sat by the window and eat mushroom soup with mango smoothies. If it is not interesting to you, you can always order other items such as apple pie or mushroom with Black Angus.

8. The Ritz-Carlton

Best Places for a Fresh Fruit Juice in MoscowThe Ritz-Carlton is an exclusive restaurant where you can eat best quality buffet. But, there is superiority doesn’t end here as you can buy fresh fruit juices with food items made of bread and vegetables, smoked salmon, pastry, caviar are some of the delectable foods items on offer. The service is extraordinary with lovely design and décor. Last but not the least, the view from the restaurant is amazing and the bar will keep you occupied all night long.

9. Bosco Bar

The last great place for getting fresh juice is the Bosco Bar where you will find almost all types of fruit juices. With greater ambiance and friendly atmosphere for couples and family, Bosco Bar is a touristic café with fine food and tasty beer are on offer.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter where you go from these above places, you will for sure be amazed at the exciting things you can do there. So, let us know what you think about these places by commenting below.