Russia Designs the Pavilion Which Will Participate at Expo Milano 2015

Russia Designs the Pavilion Which Will Participate at Expo Milano 2015

Alexa Janeden | Designers

Russia Designs the Pavilion Which Will Participate at Expo Milano 2015Russia has got the opportunity to host the Expo Milano 2015. Lately, Russia has uncovered the design of the pavilion where the expo will be hosted. The architectural bureau – Speech has developed the structure of the pavilion. You should note that ‘Speech’ is spearheaded by the renowned architects such as Alexei Ilyin, Sergei Tchoban, and Marina Kuznetskaya.

Key Information about Expo Milano 2015

  1. Who is the architect of the pavilion?


  1. Who are the main architects at Speech?

Sergei Tchoban, Marina Kuznetskaya, and Alexei Ilyin

  1. Where is the pavilion located in?

Via Giorgio Stephenson, 107, 20157 Milano, Italy

  1. What is the total area of the pavilion?

More than 4,000 square meters

  1. Who are the main photographers at the Expo Milano 2015?

Alexey Naroditskiy, Roland Halbe

  1. What about the General Contractor?

RT Expo

  1. Who is the mastermind behind the Exhibition?

Yuri Avvakumov

  1. Who has designed the exhibition?

Simpateka RUS

What are the features of the Russian Pavilion?

Russia Designs the Pavilion Which Will Participate at Expo Milano 2015The Russian Pavilion includes an area of more than 4,000 square meters. Formed with traditional Soviet and Russian Pavilions, the complete structure is unique with ample space and a dynamic design. In fact, the pavilion resembles the earlier pavilions of Universal Expositions, dating back to 1851 when the country took part in the first-ever ‘Great Exhibition’ in London.

Furthermore, Russian pavilions have been revered by all around the world for its exclusive design and architecture. Even many countries embody their trademark structural design to host their own exhibition. Russia has been presented with numerous awards and recognitions including the Grand Prix in Paris (1937) and the Silver Medal in Shanghai (2010).

Now, the Expo Milano 2015 will be hosted in a multifaceted building, depicting the trendy culture of modern architecture. Not to mention, the entire structure is a wonderful example of excellent craftsmanship. Additionally, during the 20th century, Russia has achieved considerable successes for its exhibition spaces. However, all those spaces have a common factor – vibrant and intrepid architectural elements with elite-level engineering solutions.

To add to these facts, the Expo Milano 2015 will feature a ‘Green” Technology,’ which sets it apart from other traditional exhibition spaces. The amazing thing about this technology is – it has a built-in dual functionality. It will protect the pavilion from the sun, creating shelter on outside spaces. Visitors will have access to the flat roof of the pavilion, which rises towards to the main entrance gradually. A 30-meter long canopy will cover the main access to the pavilion, making the pavilion much more intriguing for the visitors.

On the main ground, all visitors would be able to enjoy special events and activities, spanning for around six months of the Universal Exposition.

What the main architects have to say about Expo Milano 2015?

According to Sergei Tchoban, the major challenge of developing the design was to make sure the design bears a resemblance to the modern architectural trends. The entire team ensured the design was a simple one yet it was an extraordinary architectural structure, which includes façade made from durable and eco materials. All in all, their significant task was to develop an architectural structure, which bears an essence of Russia wholeheartedly.

Interior Designers in Russia

Top 5 Interior Designers in Russia

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Interior Designers in RussiaRussia is in the eastern part of Europe where everything is amazingly colorful. With fantastic design, exciting ideas, and contemporary trends, Russia is home to some of the best interior design companies in the world. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the top five interior designers in Russia. Put your sleeves up and read the article carefully.

Geometrix Design

Geometrix Design is has been in the interior design business for more than 13 years, designing a wide variety of houses including apartments, condominiums, offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, and penthouses. The company boasts a passionate team of designers who love and live for their work. It doesn’t matter if it is a small villa or a large corporate house, Geometrix Design will ensure each client receives the best interior design for their respective houses or offices.

Kirill Istomin

Kirill Istomin Interior Design & Decoration was founded in 2002. It’s an internationally recognized company, which is famous for commercial and high-end residential design. In fact, they have clients from all over the world including France, Russia, Italy, the USA, England, and Kazakhstan. In addition to this, the owner of this interior design company is Mr. Istomin. He completed his bachelors from Parsons School of Design in New York and his major subject was interior design and decoration. He started his career with Parish – Hadley, one of the biggest and influential interior design firms in the USA. In short, Kirill Istomin is an interior design company with sufficient knowledge and expertise

Victoria Vlasova

Victoria Vlasova is an innovative interior design firm in Russia. Compared to first two companies, it is relatively a new company. But, that doesn’t mean the company is behind their competitors. With creative ideas and state-of-the-art design, Victoria Vlasova is known for delivering trendy interior design.

Maria Kartashova

Interior Designers in RussiaMaria Kartashova is an interior design studio, which has been in the business since 2007. The studio is known for designing various types of establishments such as any kind of luxury apartments, hotels, country mansions, restaurants, and bars. They prefer neoclassical and eclectic style, providing comfort, style, and refinement all at once. Additionally, Maria Kartashova has its own furniture manufacturer, making things easier for the clients. They can choose any type of furniture from home furnishings to closets, baseboards, kitchen items, and cabinets.

Olga Kulikovskaia-Ashby

The last interior design company on our list is the Olga Kulikovskaia-Ashby. With an experience of attending several exhibitions (Milan, Maison and Object/Paris) Olga interior design firm is one of the best firms in Russia. The firm has professional designers who are well aware of the latest trends. In fact, it’s a multi-faceted interior design firm with experience in designing a wide range of houses, apartments, and restaurants. Olga is the owner of this firm whose sole priority is ‘Customer,’ meaning that she satisfies the needs of her clients with eye-catching and innovative designs.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above five interior design firms in Russia are some of the best firms with innovation, knowledge, and expertise. So, let us know what you think about them by commenting below.

Unique Gun Safes

10 Unique Gun Safes

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Well, if you have a gun at your home, you might just want to keep it safe. In fact, you must keep it away not only from your kids, but also from other family members. So, in this article, we are going to reveal 10 unique gun safes, which you can use to make your gun hidden from everybody at your home. Let’s have a quick look at them.


Unique Gun SafesThe first gun safe is we are talking about is shelves. Likewise every house, your home has shelves. And, you can turn it into armory by keeping all guns. Even if it is a regular shelf, you can still use it because there is a hidden drop-down compartment. This is where you can keep your firearm out of sight from the kids and everybody.


The next gun safe is the furniture where you can store guns in a convenient way. The thing is there is a storage space in your ottoman furniture, which you can use to good effect. So, you can easily create safe in there and keep your gun hidden in your living room.

Pull out couch safe

A pull out couch safe is another great unique gun safe where you can store your weapon. You can easily turn it into a gun storage are while fitting a gun safe under the cushions. For big weapons such as the shotguns or rifles, a pull out couch could be a fine alternative.

Hidden Truck Step safe

You might wonder how a hidden truck step safe can be a gun safe! Well, it is one of unique gun safes where gun enthusiasts keep their firearms. What you can do is turn the hidden truck step safe a notch and throw some side access gun storage racks. In this way, you can militarize the truck safe.

Car Seat Fold up gun safe

Unique Gun SafesSimilar to hidden truck safe, car seat fold up gun safe can be a good option where you can keep your weapon safely. Regardless of the seating arrangement (be it a bench or bucket seat), you will have an abundant of spaces to store your favorite sidearm.

Bed Gun Safe

Have you ever thought that you could turn your bed into a gun safe? We assume a big ‘No’ from you. But, you can easily do it if you put a gun safe under the mattress. Note that you don’t have to do any extraordinary work as the storage space under your bed can be of your advantage for keeping firearms.

Hidden Stairs Gun safe

Hidden stair gun safe is a classic choice for many gun holders. Creating a hidden stair gun safe is an easy DIY work. Just use one or two stairs and open them up to create a centralized gun storage in your home. You can even put all the valuable commodities as well.

Book Spine hidden box

For fancier firearm enthusiasts, a book spine gun safe is a perfect alternative. The benefit that you can get from this type of safe is you can adjust the storage capacity easily.


A bookshelf can also be a genuine gun safe as you can put in all types of guns such as shotgun or pistols. The unique benefit of this gun safe is you can place it anywhere in your home and still be relaxed about hiding your gun.

Secret clock gun safe

The last gun safe is the secret clock gun safe, which is a fantastic alternative. Because you can easily keep it anywhere in your home and it will provide you with an ample space for storing your favorite guns.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned gun safes are unique in their own way. It doesn’t matter you choose among them, you will always be able to keep your firearms safe from the kids. So, let us know what you think about them by commenting below.