Unique Gun Safes
Alexa Janeden | Designers

Well, if you have a gun at your home, you might just want to keep it safe. In fact, you must keep it away not only from your kids, but also from other family members. So, in this article, we are going to reveal 10 unique gun safes, which you can use to make your gun hidden from everybody at your home. Let’s have a quick look at them.


Unique Gun SafesThe first gun safe is we are talking about is shelves. Likewise every house, your home has shelves. And, you can turn it into armory by keeping all guns. Even if it is a regular shelf, you can still use it because there is a hidden drop-down compartment. This is where you can keep your firearm out of sight from the kids and everybody.


The next gun safe is the furniture where you can store guns in a convenient way. The thing is there is a storage space in your ottoman furniture, which you can use to good effect. So, you can easily create safe in there and keep your gun hidden in your living room.

Pull out couch safe

A pull out couch safe is another great unique gun safe where you can store your weapon. You can easily turn it into a gun storage are while fitting a gun safe under the cushions. For big weapons such as the shotguns or rifles, a pull out couch could be a fine alternative.

Hidden Truck Step safe

You might wonder how a hidden truck step safe can be a gun safe! Well, it is one of unique gun safes where gun enthusiasts keep their firearms. What you can do is turn the hidden truck step safe a notch and throw some side access gun storage racks. In this way, you can militarize the truck safe.

Car Seat Fold up gun safe

Unique Gun SafesSimilar to hidden truck safe, car seat fold up gun safe can be a good option where you can keep your weapon safely. Regardless of the seating arrangement (be it a bench or bucket seat), you will have an abundant of spaces to store your favorite sidearm.

Bed Gun Safe

Have you ever thought that you could turn your bed into a gun safe? We assume a big ‘No’ from you. But, you can easily do it if you put a gun safe under the mattress. Note that you don’t have to do any extraordinary work as the storage space under your bed can be of your advantage for keeping firearms.

Hidden Stairs Gun safe

Hidden stair gun safe is a classic choice for many gun holders. Creating a hidden stair gun safe is an easy DIY work. Just use one or two stairs and open them up to create a centralized gun storage in your home. You can even put all the valuable commodities as well.

Book Spine hidden box

For fancier firearm enthusiasts, a book spine gun safe is a perfect alternative. The benefit that you can get from this type of safe is you can adjust the storage capacity easily.


A bookshelf can also be a genuine gun safe as you can put in all types of guns such as shotgun or pistols. The unique benefit of this gun safe is you can place it anywhere in your home and still be relaxed about hiding your gun.

Secret clock gun safe

The last gun safe is the secret clock gun safe, which is a fantastic alternative. Because you can easily keep it anywhere in your home and it will provide you with an ample space for storing your favorite guns.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned gun safes are unique in their own way. It doesn’t matter you choose among them, you will always be able to keep your firearms safe from the kids. So, let us know what you think about them by commenting below.